Unleash Your Senses: Explore the Opulent Interior of the Q60 Red Sport

Experience the luxurious and sporty interior of the Q60 Red Sport, featuring premium materials, advanced technology, and exceptional craftsmanship for an exhilarating driving experience.
Unleash Your Senses: Explore the Opulent Interior of the Q60 Red Sport

Q60 Red Sport Interior: A Fusion of Luxury, Performance, and Style

The Infiniti Q60 Red Sport interior is a captivating blend of luxury, performance, and style that complements the car's exhilarating driving experience. Every aspect of the cabin has been meticulously designed to create a harmonious environment that enhances the driver's connection with the vehicle. From the supportive and comfortable seats to the intuitive technology, the Q60 Red Sport interior is a masterpiece of automotive design.

Unparalleled Comfort and Support:

The Q60 Red Sport interior is designed to provide exceptional comfort and support for both the driver and passengers. The front seats feature a sporty design with integrated bolsters that keep occupants firmly in place during spirited driving. The seats are upholstered in premium leather with contrast stitching, adding a touch of elegance to the cabin. The heated and ventilated front seats ensure optimal comfort regardless of the weather conditions, while the power-adjustable driver's seat with memory function allows for precise customization.

Intuitive Technology at Your Fingertips:

The Q60 Red Sport interior seamlessly integrates advanced technology to enhance the driving experience. The centerpiece of the dashboard is the dual-screen infotainment system, which features an upper 8-inch touchscreen and a lower 7-inch touchscreen. The infotainment system is intuitive and easy to use, allowing drivers to access a variety of features, including navigation, audio, and climate control. The 13-speaker Bose® Performance Series audio system delivers a rich and immersive sound experience, further elevating the driving pleasure.

Uncompromising Craftsmanship and Attention to Detail:

The Q60 Red Sport interior exudes uncompromising craftsmanship and attention to detail. The materials used throughout the cabin are of the highest quality, including genuine leather, aluminum accents, and soft-touch surfaces. The interior is adorned with red stitching and accents, creating a sporty and dynamic ambiance. The panoramic moonroof enhances the feeling of spaciousness and allows natural light to flood the cabin, creating a bright and airy environment.

Driver-Centric Cockpit:

The Q60 Red Sport interior is designed with the driver in mind. The steering wheel is wrapped in premium leather and features paddle shifters for quick and precise gear changes. The instrument cluster is clear and concise, providing essential information such as speed, RPM, and fuel level. The center console is ergonomically designed, with controls for the infotainment system, climate control, and other functions within easy reach. The intuitive controls and well-organized layout ensure that drivers can focus on the road and enjoy the exhilarating driving experience.

Ample Cargo Space for Practicality:

Despite its sporty character, the Q60 Red Sport offers ample cargo space for practicality. The trunk provides 13.6 cubic feet of storage capacity, which can be expanded by folding down the rear seats. The wide trunk opening and low liftover height make loading and unloading cargo a breeze. The Q60 Red Sport is also equipped with a hands-free liftgate, allowing for convenient access to the trunk without having to fumble with keys or buttons.

Elevating the Driving Experience:

Every aspect of the Q60 Red Sport interior is designed to enhance the driving experience. The supportive and comfortable seats keep occupants firmly planted during spirited driving, while the intuitive technology allows drivers to stay connected and informed. The premium materials and exceptional craftsmanship create a luxurious and inviting environment, making every journey a memorable one. The Q60 Red Sport interior is a true testament to Infiniti's commitment to delivering a thrilling and engaging driving experience.