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12AT7 (also known in Europe by the Mullard-Philips tube designation of ECC81) is a miniature nine-pin medium-gain (60) dual-triode vacuum tube popular in guitar amplifiers. It belongs to a large family of dual triode vacuum tubes which share the same pinout (EIA 9A), including in particular the very commonly used low- mu 12AU7 and high-mu 12AX7 .

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12AX7 vs 12AT7 vs 12AU7: Differences Explained. The biggest difference between these power tubes is the amount of gain they will provide. The 12AX7 has a gain factor of 100, while the 12AT7 has 60. The 12AU7 has the smallest, at just 20. The lower gain of the 12AT7 and 12AU7 also allows them to have a higher headroom, which can provide a warmer.

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5751 - Gain Factor 70. Sovtek 5751 Tube. One of the most popular swaps, a 5751 will reduce the gain of your first preamp stage by around 30 percent, which can often be enough to tame a fizzy overdrive tone without sacrificing too much of the power and muscularity from the amp's overall sound. This tube has been a favorite of many professional.

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One of his main goals is to educate and encourage new comers in the building of affordable high performance audio equipment. The DIY version of the GrooveWatt tube RIAA phonograph preampamplifier. The Groovewatt RIAA phono preamp uses four 12AX7 (ECC83) tubes and a 12AT7 (ECC81). Total gain of the phono preamp is about 45 dB.

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12AT7s have very low distortion in a competent circuit, quite comparable in magnitude and distribution to 6SL7. I agree. Despite not having as good plate-curves (as say the more ubiquitous 12AX7 or 6DJ8), I've always found a good 12AT7 example to sound quite good. Much to my surprise, I might add.

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Designing for 12AT7 preamp. by Bob-I » Sun Aug 23, 2009 9:56 pm. A friend of mine wants an amp built for acoustic electric guitars, clean all the way to about 30 watts. He also likes the sound of 12AT7's and EL-34's. My thought is to use a Fender AB763 type circuit, dropping the normal channel and trem.

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Measured Performance - ECC802S Tube SRPP Preamplifier. Frequency response of the SRPP Preamplifier circuit with JJ ECC802S tubes was from 10 Hz to 50 kHz within 0.1 dB. The high end was down 0.8 dB at 100 kHz. Distortion at 1 volt output was at the limits of my test gear (under 0.1%) at any frequency.

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Application: The headphone amplifier circuit uses a 12AT7 to obtain sufficient audio output signal to drive the five paralleled 12B4s line amp. A 0.25V RMS input signal to the 12AT7 provides an output of 9V RMS from the 12AT7-output circuit to drive the headphone 12B4s amp (maximum output). The output for the headphones is obtained from the.

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12AX7 Valve Preamp Kit. The preamp kit is based around a common 12AX7 dual triode. The line level (Hi-Fi) version of the kit has the gain set at 4 (6 dB). What makes this kit very inexpensive is that power comes a switch mode power supply, fed from a 17 volt DC wall wart! Photograph 01 shows a stock build of the kit. The schematic of the.

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The "Phono EQ: Design & Retrofit to the Shure M65" thread might be a good read. With the high gain of that circuit, using a 120-130V high voltage rail, the 12AT7 can work. If that interests you, I have a few more "Phono EQ: Design and Retrofit" essays, easily reached via search engines.

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Your preamp is shipped with J.J. 12AT7s, which we feel provide the best sound, and have a life span of many thousands of hours. The J.J. 12AT7 is a new design and provides superior performance to new old stock 12AT7s. The Chinese also have a redesigned 12AT7 which provides very good performance.".

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The Cary SLP98P preamp uses one pair of 12AU7s. It also uses two 12AX7s and four 6SN7s. My modified Dyna PAS3X preamp now uses a pair of 12AU7s in the line stage (still uses 12AX7s in the phono stage). The Heahtkit SP2 preamp uses one 12AU7 per channel. along with one 12AX7 per channel, and one EF86 per channel. Regards, Gordon.

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Here is the schematic of the 12AU7 Tube Preamp I came up with (sorry about the over sized schematic). I used 12AU7 tubes and a B+ voltage of about 150V. Even at 150V I could not get the 12AX7 tubes to bias properly. The power supply is also very simple. All you need is couple of 12 volt transformers (which you can put back to back to isolate.

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RCA 12AT7 Tube Data Sheet circa. Free Schematics.. Preamp Tubes RCA 12AT7 Tube Data Sheet. RCA 12AT7 Tube Data Sheet circa 1954. File Size: 261.59 Kb. Downloads: 239. Download Now. Free Schematic Diagrams Download Website.

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According to a load line, a 12AT7 with a B+ voltage of 250, an Rp value of 33K and a cathode resistor value of around 680R will yield a voltage gain of about 37, which translates to about 32dB of voltage gain. Quiescent plate voltage should sit right at 150 with this combination. Last edited by Wilder Amplification; 01-31-2011, 09:04 PM .

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Re: Single 12AT7 Circuit Design. « Reply #4 on: September 09, 2021, 12:38:18 am ». 1 x 12AT7 triode @220V with 20k reactive load and 11mA tube current (dissipating just under ~2.5W) requires -1.45V bias. For max power output under these conditions, Rk = 1.45V/0.011A = 132R. 130R would probably be safe.