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Friedrich Nietzsche "The future belongs to those with the longest memory." Photo by Janko Ferlic

Chapter 1: Whitechapel bags under his, eyes are sacs of worries, witnesses of dreams, nightmares and sleep from which a man should not be allowed to wake. White chapel pg 10 After Chapel's death, grief takes over Whitechapel. Halfway through the lashings the boy is gone and Whitechapel's spirit too has surrendered.

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"Chapel speaking, not from memory but lifting words from a book with his eyes. My Chapel." Cook, p. 84 In this passage, Cook discovers her son reading aloud to Lydia. While Cook knows slaves are not allowed to be literate, she cannot punish her son because of the extreme pride she feels.

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The Longest Memory Quotes Next Characters Find the Perfect Quote LitCharts makes it easy to find quotes by chapter, character, and theme. We assign a color and icon like this one to each theme, making it easy to track which themes apply to each quote below. Chapter All Chapters Character All Characters Theme All Themes Remembering Quotes

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Whitechapel says that "memory is longer than time," suggesting that while time may pass, the nature of memory means it is trapped in a perpetual present, a set of images and emotions recreated with every recollection. Whitechapel's struggle with memory reflects the lasting effects of slavery itself.

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In his historical novel, The Longest Memory (1994), Fred D'Aguiar tells the story of the Whitechapel slaves between 1790 and 1810. When obedient Whitechapel's son, Chapel, falls in love with his owner's daughter, he decides to attempt an escape which ultimately leads to his death. Whitechapel, a well-respected slave on a Virginia plantation.

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Chapel being deemed likely to flee. 'Of all the young slaves he was the one deemed most likely to run away.'. Whitechapel never shutting his eyes. 'The man who never shut his eyes.'. Sanders Jnr - Whitechapel showed him how to run the plantation. 'You showed me how to run things. My father spoke highly of you.

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The Longest Memory study guide contains a biography of Fred D'Aguiar, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Best summary PDF, themes, and quotes.

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Chapel Quotes in The Longest Memory The The Longest Memory quotes below are all either spoken by Chapel or refer to Chapel. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one: ). Remembering Quotes The future is just more of the past waiting to happen.

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Memory hurts. Like crying. But still and deep. Don't make me remember. I forget as hard as I can." Whitechapel. "The bags under my eyes are sacks of worries, witnesses of dreams, nightmares and sleep from which a man should not be allowed to wake." Whitechapel. "Why must I be the witness to something I deserve more than anyone on this plantation.

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Summary Lydia grows into a woman, which she knows because others repeatedly tell her. Her father stops hugging her, her mother makes more fuss about her etiquette and composure. Lydia's mother has Lydia walk across the room with a stack of books balanced on her head, taking small, mincing steps.

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"I had no name. I was just boy, mule, ******, slave" Whitechapel in Remembering chapter. Example of lack of identity subject to slaves "There are two types of slaves: the slave who must experience everything, and the slave who learns through observation" Whitechapel in Remembering "Whitechapel you failed. I trusted you, and you disappointed me"

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by Fred D'Aguiar Buy Study Guide The Longest Memory Summary Narrated through voices and points of view of several characters, The Longest Memory begins with Whitechapel, the novel's protagonist.

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The Longest Memory Summary Next Remembering Set in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Virginia, where slavery is an ordinary aspect of life, Fred D'Aguiar's 1994 novel, The Longest Memory, revolves around one tragic event: the death of the slave Whitechapel 's son Chapel, who is whipped to death for running away.

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Like crying. But still and deep. Memory rises to the skin then I can't be touched." (Pg. 2) "I forget as hard as I can." (Pg. 2) "He needed to know his station sooner rather than too late." (Pg. 12) "He was born owned by another man, like his father before him, and like his son would be born.

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"How could your Whitechapel watch and not intervene?" "He lost a son in deference to authority." "Name your price. That slave of yours is a slaver's dream." Mr. Whitechapel's slave is a "slaver's.