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Mike & Angelo was a long-running British sci-fi sitcom, produced for CITV from 1989—2000. It told the story of Mike King (Matt Wright), a young American boy who along with his mother Rita (Shelley Thompson) came to stay in London, only to find that the wardrobe in his new bedroom was home to Angelo (Tyler Butterworth), a mysterious and eccentric dimension-hopping alien visitor with the.

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Overview 123 Episodes IMDB TMDB TVDB Fanart.tv JustWatch Wikipedia Ads suck, but they help pay the bills. Hide ads with VIP. Status Ended Network # Premiered March 16, 1989 Runtime 25m Total Runtime 2d 3h 15m (123 episodes) Creator Lee Pressman

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S1.E1 ∙ Mike Meets Angelo. Thu, Mar 16, 1989. Rita King and her son Mike arrive from America to start a new life in England. Living in a strange old house, Mike pines for the home and friends that he has left behind. However, he is not lonely for long because lurking in the house is Angelo. Rate.

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Series 5 (1993) Cast: Tim Whitnall as Angelo, Michael Benz as Mike Mason, Shelley Thompson as Rita King: Timeskip to 1993 - Ellie has left and 7 Larkswood Lane has been Mike-less for a while. Angelo is still up to his usual schemes attempting to improve the lives of those around him with crazy inventions, while Rita is trying to keep him out of trouble whilst trying to live a normal life.

Mike and Angelo S3E9 (1991) FULL EPISODE YouTube

A show that i loved when i was small

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Throughout it's run, "Mike and Angelo" featured three different theme tunes - some more iconic than others. This article is an in-depth look at them. The first theme tune for Mike and Angelo was written by Jim Parker, and was only used in the original airings of the first two series. This particular theme is noteable for it's sudden replacement with the second theme in repeats of the series in.

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Mike Meets Angelo. Mike King is a 12-year-old boy caught up in his parents' divorce, which is made all the worse by his mother Rita taking him from America.

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For the category, see Category:Episodes. This is the list of all 123 episodes of Mike and Angelo. Mike Meets Angelo The Big Secret The Meal Green Fingers Angelo's Dancing Lesson That's Not Cricket Mug Shots Mother Turns Up Angelo's Essay Mike's Birthday Up The Wall A Horse in the House Mother and the Doctor Out for the Count Hair Today Angelo's Big Break Fuzzball Hair Today Neighbourhood Watch.

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Mike and Angelo Wiki Most visited articles Mike and Angelo (Ellie Jones) Mickey Fawkes-Bentley Mike (Andrews) Daphne Fawkes-Bentley Miscellaneous FANDOM Don't have an account? Tyler Butterworth (Series 1 to First episode of Series 3), Tim Whitnall (First Episode of Series 3 to Series 12)

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10 11 12 S3.E1 ∙ The New Angelo Wed, Nov 14, 1990 Rita, Mike and Angelo return from their holiday in America and are looking forward to being back home. However, Angelo suddenly begins to act even more strangely than usual. Rate S3.E2 ∙ Mother's Fiancé Wed, Nov 21, 1990 Rita's mother arrives with a guest, her new fiancé Terence Creighton-Smythe.

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Use app Mike & Angelo: With Tim Whitnall, Shelley Thompson, Michael Benz, Katy Murphy. A series about an alien living with an American boy in Britain.

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Series 3 of Mike and Angelo premiered in late 1990, ending in early 1991. The series marked the first of the major onscreen changes in the show's history. Tyler Butterworth decided to not continue as Angelo, so a replacement actor was needed. After auditions were held, one was found in Tim Whitnall. He would continue to play the character for the next decade of the show's history, portraying.

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Mike and Angelo is a British sci-fi TV sitcom series, that ran on CITV between 16 March 1989 and 7 March 2000. [1] The show is ITV's longest running sitcom (as per series count). [2] Plot The shows initially centred on Mike King (played by Matt Wright), and his mother Rita moving to London from the United States after she divorces Mike's father.

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Mike and Angelo A general page on the show. Characters An incomplete list of characters in Mike and Angelo. Series Pages The series-by-series guide to Mike and Angelo - including links to the Series pages. Key Articles Angelo The alien from another dimension who quite literally turns everyone's lives upside down. 7 Larkswood Lane

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Mike and Angelo S5E2 (1993) FULL EPISODE YouTube

Mike D'Angelo. Weight: 149; Class: Senior; Hometown: Commack, N.Y. High School: Commack; Bio Media. Bio . At Princeton — 2019-20 (5-5): Tri-captain. won three matches at the Princeton Open and against Lehigh's Joseph Zargo in a dual. ranked between 12th and 15th in the nation by Intermat through most of the season. had a dual win.